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My SelectsMaybe it was the 4 hour/6 mile hike yesterday or the caffeine this afternoon, but on the way home I had a flare up of creative energy. Things just started pouring out. When I got home I started printing out contact sheets of my photographs and sifting through them.

I must have printed out over 150 photos (9 to a sheet). I think I’ve narrowed my selects down to about 75 now, and put them into categories. The aftermath of all this editing is that my apartment looks like a hurricaine hit. I feel oddly cleansed having these 8 paper bricks of mini-photos on my wall. It’s proof that I’ve done something.

Salad FingersOK, this is just about the most disturbing thing I have ever seen – and I just got back from the BODIES exhibition!!!

Check out Salad Fingers by David Firth. These cartoons are just so disturbing. More proof that really creative people are actually mutants in some form or another.

Thanks for the nightmares Jesse!