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I saw my first mouse in the subway the other day. It was so small and quick. I was all psyched up to see some big honkin’ rat like thing. But it was just a mouse, and it was playing right underneath the sign that warned of rodenticide (didn’t know that was a word).

I have daydreams of saving people’s lives or possessions on the subway. Once, while I was holding one of those vertical poles that go from floor to ceiling, I realized that I could also reach one of the overheads, horizontal poles with my left hand. I pictured myself swinging from the rails, anchored by my strong ninja grip and pure willpower. There would then be some sort of mid-air kick and destroy mission, and then a return to peaceful and ordinary traveling. Bad guys watch out!

AUTHOR: William Shakespeare (1564�1616)

QUOTATION: Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself.

ATTRIBUTION: King Henry VIII. Act i. Sc. 1.

After having an apartment for a few weeks, it is finally habitable! We have heat! I never realized how much I could get my hopes up about being able to sleep in my apartment finally. But now that it’s possible I am overjoyed. Then there are the dozens of people I see every day in the subways and on the streets who know what it means to be cold. I hope they stay warm, and I hope they aren’t insulted when I give them a banana.

First day back at work after so many days away of moving. Being transient seems to be my current state, everything is unsettled and up in the air. At least it HAS been. First the roller coaster of trying to find an apartment in Brooklyn with Sarah and not go broke in the process, then the actual moving in, all those boxes, so much paper, so much dirt… Everything gets so dirty.

I am so proud of Jeff and I. We had been together 24 hours a day for the past two weeks, through both of our moves, through 18″ of snow in NYC, both of us being sick and very exhausted & grumpy. Not one fight! (unless you count me flipping out about how he left the bathroom floor all wet after his shower ;). Thanks for putting up with me Jeff. Did I mention that I LOVE animal crackers?!

The most amazing part of all these past few weeks (besides the wonderful family Christmas, the chance to see Jesse and Cory at home again, meeting Jeff’s family for the first time) was the Buena Vista Social Club concert! My life changes every time I hear the music, and now I have seen them in person, heard their sounds, seen their amazingly playful and powerful manner. It was wonderful; it has been a wonderful New Year already!