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It’s Friday and I am ready for the weekend. I did a lot of walking yesterday (had to walk to the dentist). So I’ve got to get my bottom two wisdom teeth out and I’m actually looking forward to it as much as that’s possible. The Dentist said that I will keep having chronic problems with them until I get them out, but after that they won’t hurt anymore and I will feel a whole lot better. So if anyone has any advice or stories, please feel free to tag me.

OK, so I went to Cactus Jacks for my birthday dinner and just when I thought we were going to leave, all the waiters came and sang me happy birthday. I got a piece of tiramisu with a candle in it (cause Jeff told them no cheesecake, bad for my tummy) and I had to wear a sombrero. Now I have carried on the tradition of wearing silly hats on my birthdays and getting a Polaroid taken. I’ll have to scan the picture and put it online.

Wow, this morning I got up and I was feeling kindof crappy because it’s my birthday and honestly, nothing can compare to when you are a kid and have those big parties where all the people come over and have to give you presents even if they don’t like you :). I never minded being treated like a queen for a day (even if I tend to drag that out for more like a week than a day)… But anyway, I woke up feeling crappy but then I got some great greetings from friends, even ones I haven’t heard from in a long time ( ;) Jim) and that really brightened up my day. SO thanks guys. My day has changed for the better, and it’s always great to hear from you.

It’s Monday and I had to get up at 5:45 AM this morning which was terrible!!! I am NOT a morning person, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I wanted to start my physical therapy appointments for my back as soon as possible I would have slept right through everything. I am glad that my gym has a PT office though, and it’s covered by my health care which is even better. Now they can give me a plan to work out and I won’t end up hurting anything, and will be more likely to stick with a routine. I actually don’t mind getting up to get the 7:20 train, but 5:45 AM – this can NEVER happen again!

Today is cory’s birthday. I just have to say that he is great! I’m about to call him up and sing happy birthday to him (off key) and try to embarrass him, but he’s probably still sleeping. He’s 17. Wow, that makes me… old (hehe).