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I had a good weekend. Besides not trying to give in full force to my chocolate & sugar cravings (Halloween is hard!), I went grocery shopping, and spent Saturday printing! Wow was that fun. My dad and my brother were at school using the darkroom and I asked if I could go. I had a great time, can’t wait to do it again. I just have to find my book of negatives that has the good stuff in it. This weekend all I could find was my two whole binders of rejects. Go here to see some of my real photography.

So I feel like Nelly with the little Band-Aid on my face. I had a birthmark removed today during lunch and half of my face is numb. Well, actually it is just starting to wear off and hurt like hell, but that should go away soon.

At first my right nostril, top right lip face, and teeth were numb. I looked like I had a stroke because my lip was all droopy on the right side. Well, this is quite a change. I’ve always had this one bump next to my nose and now it’s gone. There is this Nathaniel Hawthorne story about a Man who tried to remove the only imperfection from his wife ( a birthmark ) and it kills her. Interesting read.

I think I am still recovering from the concert. I am really tired today, even though I ate well this weekend and got enough sleep. It is hard to keep my eyes open at my desk, especially because I have been daydreaming about mummies; I watched a thing on the discovery channel yesterday about mummies. So I get to day dreaming about these archeological finds and how today I read in the NYTimes that there was an artifact discovered that could be the earliest known written reference to Jesus. And how lately everything I’ve been reading and watching has tied together in some way.

Ah, so Underworld on Friday night was amazing! I went to the Hammerstein Ballroom with 6 other people and it was great. I’ve never seen a light show quite like it, and the music was of course the best. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t think I was ever able to stand up (much less bop around) from 9:30pm – 1am after being at work all day. I had to take some breaks and sit on the sidelines for a bit.

My next big internal debate is whether or not to go see Big Daddy Kane, Jurassic 5, & the Beatnuts. They are coming up soon, and the last J5 concert I saw was so rockin. I saw them at the Bowery Ballroom and Funk and I were up close to the stage, it was amazing! I may have to take the next day off though because this Saturday I slept until 4pm the day after the concert.