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I’m so proud of myself, I haven’t had any sugar since the 26th. I didn’t think I could do it, but I’ve started off on the right foot, now I just hope it lasts. I went and cancelled my gym membership, just waiting for the verification to come. And I think I’ve found a karate dojo to go to. I hope you like my new site design, I’m still working on it. Let me know in the comments section below.

Oh p.s. WHAT IS UP WITH THE ENORMOUS DUST-BUNNY-THAT-WON’T-DIE at the foot of the stairs coming down from the corner of Madison and 47th?!!!!! All you commuters, you know what I mean! Does anyone know what I mean?

I have been looking into canceling my NYSC membership. It’s just so boring. I think that’s my problem with gyms in general… Because of my general lack of motivation to go, I need something that will keep me interested, and maybe give me a place to meet new people. I used to love Karate because it was such a stress relief and it somehow it made me more able to concentrate. So today I took the first steps toward finding a Dojo that is close to work, and won’t make me sign a contract just incase I bail yet again on an exercise regimen. They are on vacation until January 2nd, so I will have to call them when they get back. Ok I am off to cancel my gym membership. Stay Warm.

I feel much better today. Got the last present bought this weekend and I can breath easy now. I’m sure that I have forgotten someone, but I’ve done my best. This year I’ll be staying at my parent’s house for Christmas. We will do our own celebration Christmas Eve, and then go to my parent’s house.

OK, there is this person at work that is really starting to get on my nerves. I really don’t like speaking badly about people, but to give you an idea of what this person does to me, I will leave you with a few lyrics from a Radiohead song named Karma Police.
Karma police, arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He’s like a detuned radio