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Hello turtle lovers. I took Buddy to the vet to get a check up and to make sure that I was taking good care of him. It was an all around wonderful experience. Jeff really is the Dog Whisperer. There was this terrified pit bull who kept trying it’s hardest to crawl underneath Jeff’s legs. He had this face on like “please help me”. It was so cute. So back to Mr. Turtle… It’s been confirmed! Mr. Turtle is a Mister. and oddly enough (much the the vet’s excitement) he has a male symbol on his underside. We were so happy that he was healthy and happy that we went out and bought him a brand new home. A MUCH bigger aquarium and some new aquatic plants to nibble on. He LOVES it. I took pictures of him as well as all the snow that has been happening, but I have no way to upload them at this time. I can’t wait to show you his underbelly (that sounds way more pervertish than I meant it to).

Hello out there, who ever you are. Dave. doesn’t sound like a mysterious name… And so begins my strange story of an early Valentine’s day gift that is probably from my boyfriend, but was signed “-Dave”

Derek, this guy at work, hands me this box of flowers and says something like “somebody loves you” in a musical kind of way. My first thought is “That Bastard” while smiling ear to ear. Jeff and I said that we weren’t going to get each other anything for Valentine’s day, just go out and have a nice dinner over the weekend. And I meant it too. But then I remembered talking to him in the car and saying “Can you send me some flowers at work and I’ll pay you for them? I like having plants at work.” I was half-joking, but I guess he (being the sweetie that he is) decided to give me a little surprise.

I open the box, see the multi-colored tulips (I love tulips) and set about getting a vase and all that good stuff. I go to read the note attached and it says “Happy Valentine’s Day…Love you.” “Dave”

DAVE?! Who is Dave! Is my boyfriend just messin with me (he is a funny guy). I’m sure it was just a mixup with the flower company. Do I actually have a secret admirer?! Of course not, but it’s neat to think about. And of course I can’t get in touch with Jeff because his cellphone must be out of range. Well, it’s a nice thought to have a secret admirer, even though now adays it’s called stalking.

Well I ordered the Kashi Go Lean Crunch Combo. I got 14 go lean bars, two cans of shake mix, and two boxes of cereal. It’s so much food it should last me a while. I’ve wanted healthier snacks to have at work, and I hope these work out. THIS IS NOT some weird appetite suppressant system. In fact it is healthy, natural food. Enough about this, I just wanted you all to know how great it was.

I also have to go to karate tonight, and I think I’ve put to much pressure on myself because I couldn’t go for 2 weeks and then I was sick last week so I didn’t want to go if my stomach was squirrely. SO now’s my first chance to go and I am anxious for some reason. I made a vet appointment for Mr. Turtle. He’s got some very small pits in his shell and I want to make sure that he’s not sick or that I’m feeding him right. Does anyone have turtle advice for me?

My stomach has been misbehaving very badly lately. Ever since this weekend I have been feeling so sick and I’m getting very tired of it. I had to miss karate yesterday because of it, and that was a very large and frustrating bummer. It had been my first chance in over 2 weeks that I’d been able to go. I was all set, and I had to leave work around 2:30. I even had to cancel a meeting, which I hate doing.

I got sick at 1 today and took some pepto. Now I feel a little better, but there is still that knot in my stomach. It’s not stress I don’t think, although today started off as the day from hell. I think it was the fact that I was watching rosemary’s baby last night. Boy is that a good movie. I think I brought the devil into work with me today though, cause everything went to hell until about 12:30.

My proposal for tuition reimbursement is past the second stage. First stage was actually completing the proposal (took quite a few months of procrastinating and then having a eureka moment yesterday where I got it all done). Stage two was getting it past the first level of approval. I would love to take a Spanish for business class and a verb refresher course. I think that even if the company doesn’t pay for it I will take it anyway. I’d probably pick a class that would go towards a graduate degree, however. This particular class isn’t for credits (which means it’s less expensive). I can’t wait to be back in class and speaking Spanish again.

On another note I am so glad to hear that Marquito’s eyelashes aren’t freezing anymore. I remember walking down the quarter-mile in college and having that happen. I also remember having a hard time breathing through my nose because it would freeze up on the inside! Try blowing bubbles when it gets really cold. They freeze! Fun in the snow!

Stay warm!