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I haven’t written much lately because I don’t know how to talk about what’s going on, so I just think. But today there are protestors outside St. Patrick’s and they are growing in number every minute. They plan to stage a “die-in”. I guess this means that they are going to lie down in the middle of midtown streets and pretend to be dead. I’m sure they will accomplish making traffic stand still. I knew this when I came out of the train this morning, but as I was walking down the street I saw these three girls with a roll of caution tape “sneakily” running it across 47th street between two cars. Supposedly this piece of plastic tape would make some deep point. The girls (who looked about 17) were giggling with darting eyes like they were playing some practical joke. Like fox news says “We report, you decide”.

I have nothing against anti-war protestors. But selfishly I am frustrated that any portion of the “safety-net” of helicopters and police that are supposed to be concentrating on anti-terrorism now have to deal with a bunch of kids who want to ditch school to screw with authority. OK that was a generalization, but I’m just trying to get on with work (and not try to let worrying about the war or Terrorists, or the threat of nuclear and biological weapons, or Osama Bin Laden, stop me). “What are we fighting for” anyway? I’d just like to be clear on that somehow. I’m not sure if anyone is.

As for those helicopters, they are constantly circling this area (which is exactly where all the protestors are) and it’s quite unnerving. I’m sure the news is hovering over us as well. I have a particular distaste for Fox News in particular. Everyday on the way to work I see the gigantic outdoor news-ticker that reminds me that NYC is the most mentioned target in intercepted “intelligence” communications. Their anchors also have this sense that they are smart, and actually have something to contribute. They are sensationalists and they ask completely inappropriate and insulting questions. I can’t go any further on this because then I’ll start to get mad and I’ll rant all day.

I have two brothers. One is in his early 20’s and the other is 17. I can easily picture both of them being one of the people who are confronted face to face with this war. In the sand, carrying guns or flying stealthy bombers. I want this to end just like everyone else.

So I saw this video for a song called “It Takes More” by Ms. Dynamite. It was one of those times where the hair stood up on my arms and I got goosebumps. Something about her and the music and the lyrics really got to me. It’s a jumpin song. Check out the parisian music in the background. And it’s so great to see another hip-hop woman kickin intellectual ass! Rock on sister friend. And she’s only 21. Go visit the site, definetely. Im’a go by the album (if it’s out already).

OK, so I finished this book a few days ago, and man! it’s an amazing book. I can’t say enough about it. Gutwrenching, frustrating, empowering… Such wonderful themes and pictures are drawn by Amy Tan’s writing. I STRONGLY suggest that you read this book.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in so long, but I have no way to download images from my camera until I buy a new card reader! Can’t wait. Ug!