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Well here are the first pictures from Mr. Turtle’s first visit to the Vet. I’ve been wanting to post these for a very long time, but I only was able to buy a replacement card reader last weekend, so – HERE IT IS. Mr Turtle (and he IS a Mr.) in all his glory (well you can’t see any of his legs, head or arms but you get the picture).

Something I hadn’t noticed was that Mr.T has a “male” symbol on his underbelly there. Take a look, it starts in the upper right part, and curves toward the center to make the downward pointing arrow. After Dr. Ringler’s excitement, I just had to take a picture to show everyone. I want to buy a little scale so I can see how much he is growing. He has a ring of newly grown shell, so I’m assuming that he’s growing well.

I thought about making a chickenwire fence for him that I can keep in the trunk of my car so that if we want to bring him to the park or put him in the grass, he can have an area to play in, but we don’t have to worry about loosing him. I hope to have my own yard soon so I can build him a permanent play area out there. Any suggestions?

So a lot’s been going on at work.I got a promotion which I feel fits very well, and I still get to work with people who I’ve been working with for a long time and that feels good. I’ve been neglecting this blog for so long because I’ve been busy, but also I feel it’s unfair to ramble on without attaching a picture of some kind. I don’t understand why anyone reads this blog to begin with, but having to read without some visual distractions must be even worse :). More to come…