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Good Morning Everyone! Last night we put down the security deposit on our new apartment. WOO HOO! The landlord seems nice, and the people who live in it now are great – I know the woman from work and she’s a great client to work with. I can’t wait to move in. The funny part is that our apartment is about 1/2 the size of the new one, so it will be so empty when we move in. I think it will be laughable to have so much more space, I think I may have a hysterical episode the first time I look at the apartment empty. I have been stuck in such a small apartment that it will be great to get out. This picture is 1/2 of the backyard. It has a backyard! I can’t believe it.

This is a picture of the new kitchen. I am proud to have a kitchen that is worthy of his cooking talents. Can’t wait for all the good meals that will come out of it. It’s hard for me not to get my hopes up about this apartment, but I feel like since I put the security deposit down that it’s pretty sure that we have the place now. Phew, I am so excited!

OK, I am frustrated to the point of being angry about a particular situation involving work. I can’t talk about it specifically because certain people from work read this website (and the problem has absolutely nothing to do with them so they shouldn’t worry). It’s been over a month and I have had no progress on a specific matter and it’s extremely frustrating. Rant rant, complain, complain, blah blah blah. Everyone has work problems, but I am particularly liking my job right now, and this part is just sucking all of the fun out. It’s just very disappointing and frustrating. So there, that’s my bitch for today.

On a much better note, this weekend I went to see a free concert in Battery Park. The LEGENDARY ROOTS were there, and I might be on TV because they are airing the concert this Saturday at 8pm on MTV. I love the roots! And they had two new members play guitar and sing with them and they are definitely people to watch for! I had such a great time.

Hello Everyone – I went to the podiatrist last week and I know a whole lot more about myself now. As odd as this seems, this visit to the podiatrist was fun. Interestingly enough there are a few things “wrong” with me and my “feets”.
- I have this thing called a nueroma that they found in my x-rays. It’s when a nerve gets inflammed and grows (benignly) because it is stuck between two of the toe bones.
- My left leg is INDEED one inch shorter than my right leg (which could be why I have back pain).
- I have almost completely flat feet
The good thing is that getting orthotics will probably help all of these problems. Who knew that a simple visit to the doctor could teach me so much.

I also have an official reason for being so clumsy (woo hoo!).
p.s. this is not a real x-ray of my foot, it’s just an illustration.