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I took this picture on my last trip to Rochester, NY. I can’t remember where it was, I think it was in the car on my way to the airport in NY. I really like this picture and I think I might frame it. What do you guys think? Should I add it to my “official” photography site?

Take a look at this picture and ask yourself, Has Erica’s curse come true!? Who’s having a bad reaction to the GREAT Mexican food we ate! Unclean! We are distancing ourselves from him. Naw! we love him.

Vicki brought Keng, and Keng brought his camera and we got some good pictures of the group. I’m there with my big skirt and my fiesta shirt. I had a great time. Thanks guys for coming.

Our neighbors seem great (except for the ones we had to call the cops on) but that was more of a father/son screaming match than anything else.

Everything is Spanish around us. It’s great to be able to hear it and eat it (there are quite a few Peruvian and Ecuadorian restaurants in the area). All of our neighbors are Hispanic (except for the ones we had to call the cops on) and there is an Italian Social Club at the end of our block where the old dudes sit out on the street and talk. It’s great.

I’ll have more pictures of my apartment up soon. Have a great week.

So here is a picture of the cake that Jeff got me. It’s a Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream ice cream cake!!! So 6 people came to our new apartment and then we went over to Mary Ann’s to eat! It was great.

I don’t know why but I get kinda wacky around my birthday. I get bummed, even though everyone is so nice and I get presents. It’s weird.

And I noticed today that there is panini EVERYWHERE. What is up with panini!? Why is it so trendy?!

Tonight I have my pre-birthday dinner with family. This is going to be a nice break from all the moving stress. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about moving, but it seems to have worn me out somewhat. Can’t wait to eat some good food.

New CD’s I want to get: Ownerz by GangStarr (I forgot the rest).

I hope to have new pictures of my apartment up soon. There is a sandbox out back for Mr. Turtle, I hope that sand is safe for him. Maybe I will dig up the sand and put some dirt in it. Either way he’s got a very cool play house now.

I had such a great time this weekend at the 5th of July party! Thanks to Vicki, Keng, Joe, Jenn and Scott for showing up! I had such a great time.

So we finally moved in to our new place, and slept there for the first time last night. My will had already been broken by the time the party came around, and I think that was a great kick in the pants! Thank god for Jeff and my family because there was no other way to get it done.

Besides one casualty (punctured the Freon tube in the big air conditioner) everything is going well. Shower works well and Mr. Turtle is right at home.

Now comes my birthday party/housewarming party. Happy belated Fourth of July!