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It is 4:53 now and the power has been out since 4:20. I am home in Port Chester. Jeff is at 33rd Street in NYC and Cory is somewhere. I�ve been trying to get in touch with him to find out if he�s ok but I can�t get through to him. Jeff was somehow able to call me soon after it happened. I thought it was just our house, but he said that it was in NYC and in NJ too. He has the radio at work, but couldn�t find any station with information on the power outage.

Just a few minutes ago I called the local Police and they said that it was a state-wide power outage and that they had no idea what caused it. So should I state the obvious? I feel just like I did when I was stuck in the city on 9-11. Completely cutoff from all information. Not knowing what the best thing to do next is� I feel some need to protect myself, but from what.

I have no working radio anywhere, my parents are on their way home from their vacation in maine and I hope that they are not stranded on a road somewhere. I went outside to see if anyone was talking about it and I heard some teenagers talking about how all of the streetlights are off and so all the cars are jammed up. Then they started talking about how some people must be looting.

I want to make sure that I have all my senses in case something terrible has happened and I need to drive or think clearly. At least I know that Jeff has a radio and is with a bunch of other people. I am mostly worried about Cory. Just tried to text message him again. I hate that all I can think of is that there was some terrorist attack on some main power plant or that something awful has happened. I think that I would be a lot less anxious if I could just get in touch with my brother.

I just got through to my parents house but its just ringing.