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Oh my god! I haven’t written in so long, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to write about dinner last night. My friend Paula suggested we go out to dinner at Bobby Flay’s restaurant called Mesa Grill. Besides getting to see her (which was wonderful) the dinner was fabulous. Our waiter was very helpful and polite, but also had a good sense of humor. When he suggested an appetizer that had cheese in it I said that I can’t have dairy. Later on he came back and said that while he was putting in my order he remembered what I said about the dairy and wanted to know if I wanted my meals made without any butter or cream, etc… I thought that was very thoughtful. We stayed for a very long time after we paid the check and no one was rude or tried to rush us out of there. Here’s what we ordered and our informal reviews:

Me: FRY BREAD TAQUITOS – wonderful but not my taste, I wouldn’t get them again but Paula liked them.
Paula: CORNMEAL CRUSTED OYSTERS – holy cow!!!! I hate oysters but these were AMAZING! I couldn’t believe that I was actually eating them. They were very good. Anyone who goes to this restaurant must have these.

Me: SPICE CRUSTED NEW YORK STRIP STEAK – God the steak was good. I never eat steak and it was great! But the whole meal could have been terrible if I still had the buttermilk mashed potatoes. They came as a side to the steak and they were amazing. I could have eaten a whole plate of just those potatoes.
Paula: NEW MEXICAN SPICE RUBBED PORK TENDERLOIN – this was very good as well. Paula loved it. I just couldn’t get over my potatoes.

Desserts: Yes we made enough room for dessert.
Me: WARM CHOCOLATE DULCE de LECHE CAKE – I don’t know what to say about this dessert, it was so rich I could only eat a few bites. I wish I had saved more room. It was warm and melt and heavenly.
Paula: TOASTED PECAN AND SMOKED VANILLA FLAN – this paled in comparison to the dulce de leche.

I NEED to go back. I think everyone should go there if they are in the City.