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I think I need to dedicate a whole new section of my website to Anthony Hamilton. And thank god for Dave Chappelle! Ok let me start at the beginning. I have to thank Jesse for getting me hooked on Chappelle’s Show. I now own the whole first season on DVD. I watch whenever I get a chance and have laughed so hard I get nauseous.

SO I taped a few shows the other night and just happened to be watching them last night when this guy Anthony Hamilton comes on as the musical guest. From the FIRST sound that comes out of his mouth, I had goosebumps. Jeff said it “he’s like Marvin”. Whenever people invoke His name :) in comparison to new singers I get a little annoyed, but this time it was right on. The most amazing similarity is that they both open their mouths and this amazingly powerful sound comes out without any visible effort. As soon as I got to work I bought the album off i-tunes.

I can’t say enough about this guy, and I’m so glad I got to hear that live version first before I bought the album. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to him.

I finally saw the Movie “Monster” and it was great. I know it’s odd, but I love reading murder mysteries and learning about the psychology of it all. I know it’s terrible to get entertainment from such terrible things, but I really am fascinated. I wonder if it has something to do with trying to make sense of what has happened to the people who are victims…

On a similar note I am also reading a book called the “Black Dahlia Avenger”. This book is so captivating. This story seems so unbelievable, but it’s amazing. I’ve been telling everyone they should read it. Another book I couldn’t put down.

I really have been under a lot of stress lately, not just normal stress, but everything combined. Work, Life, health… A few weeks ago my dermatologist thought I might have skin cancer. It turns out that I don’t (thank god) but that was a NERVEWRACKING week to say the least. Work is always a little stressful (and I actually seem to work better that way) but lately it’s been plain stupid. I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall and it’s not getting any better really.

I never thought I’s say this but I actually miss Rochester a bit because of all the great people I worked with there. I like the people I work with today, but there are only one or two I would consider people I would hang out with outside of work, and we never seem to make it out. In Rochester we would always hang out, we were all friends and I had some great times. I think I had more of a social life there then I do here. I live in the suburbs here and none of my friends live close. I work in a corporate environment, which isn’t very conducive to me being myself or allowing anyone to get to know me at all.

I feel twice as old as I am now. But actually American Gigolo is on HBO and it’s a laugh. All Blondie music and bad 80’s sunglasses. I guess I don’t feel so old anymore. I am making a list of things I want to do so I won’t forget. Maybe I’ll post it soon.

In the mean time, take care and have fun.