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I noticed that there are a lot of people visiting this page of mine. Can you please let me know what prompted your interest in this Matisse Painting? I am very curious. Here is a list of old comments about this painting [click here]. Please add your new comments at the bottom of this post.

Henri Matisse
French, 1869-1954
Bathers with a Turtle, 1908
oil on canvas
70 1/2 x 86 3/4 inches
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. 24:1964

Among the first of the 20th-century French painters to break completely with observed reality, Henri Matisse focused on color, pattern, and decoration. He believed in the simplicity of idea and line, breaking things down to what he saw as their simplest elements. Matisse’s work was strongly influenced by the Impressionists and by Oriental art, particularly the designs and colors of the Near East.
Like Picasso’s famous Les Demoiselles d’Avignon of just a year earlier, to which Matisse may have been responding in this painting, Bathers with a Turtle presents three nude female figures. Placed in a landscape of bands of color, the women seem more interested in the feeding of a small red turtle, an ancient symbol for eternity, than in relating to each other.
�1996 Copyright The Saint Louis Art Museum

OK, so the good music keeps on coming. I got me the new Roots CD yesterday for my birthday! The Tipping Point is amazing. Does anyone know what Black Thought is saying in “Don’t Say Nuthin'”? They are giving away $4000, so check out thier website @ the roots @.

And check this out. ?uestlove’s (no that’s not a type-o) record library! I’ve seen the roots more than once in concert and they give the BEST live show I’ve ever been to. I was completely blown away. I was disappointed with the Gang Starr, Mos Def, etc… concert I went to at BBKings. It was worth it for sure, especially to hear Mos Def. I really need to see more of him before long. The Roots entire concert was great! The sound was great, the vibe was great, the croud was awesome. I saw them once at the knitting Factory. I was right in the front row (which you know if you read my website archives).

Anyone out there sick of wack rap? Can I get a witness?

Happy Birthday to me – and congratulations Erica & Pete and Keith and Kristen