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This site is dedicated to sharing live shows from Hip-Hop’s Greatest THE ROOTS. This has been one of my favorite finds lately. The only problem is that the site is a little slow loading, but it’s worth the wait.

‘Yo, why they say ‘Never say never’ when they know that ain’t right?, ‘Cause to ‘Never say never’ you done said ‘Never’ twice’. -Mos Def
>>Go here< < I think this picture says it all. This site is the best site around y’all.

OK so I think i need to create a new identity for the web. Too many people know who I am so I can’t really just write about whatever I want to write about. Any suggestions :).

So, this is what I read today.

“LOS ANGELES (AP) — Funk singer Rick James, best known for the 1981 hit “Super Freak,” died Friday, apparently of natural causes, police said.”

My favorite part is the “apparantly”. Seems like people are a little skeptical. Read whole aritcle here.

What is Dave Chappele going to do? “I’m dead Beaotch”?!