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I’ve always liked Cindy Sherman’s photography. She uses herself as subject, and she takes on different identities. Her Untitled Film Stills are exceptional. Click on her photo above to go to her photographs at the MOMA in NYC.

I just want to say that I have 5 cavities. I’m going to have them filled next week.
I’m a little bummed – I think only some chocolate can fix it – wait maybe that’s my problem! :)

Just thought I’d share. I bought a new toothbrush and will try to start flossing again.


This book is hilarious. I was laughing out loud on the train while I was reading it. It looks like a textbook, and it’s just filled with hilarious tidbits. Did I say that it was hilarious?! John Stewart you’re my hero. Don’t miss how to name yourself if you are going to be in TV Journalism – (page 144). And the Study Guide in the opening pages. God it’s so funny.

This is another Joyce Carol Oates book. I have also read Beasts and am in the middle of some of her short stories.

Foxfire was so motivating. Seems like the author was part of the gang and right there when all the action was happening. I never know how to write good reviews of books, but I love her work and just bought a whole bunch more of her books to read. I felt so motivated to be a strong person because so many people (women) aren’t able to be.