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I have an insane story about the Gates and the “Christo Miracle” that happened to me – but I’ll have to write about that later.

I have, however, posted some pictures for you’re Gate-loving enjoyment.

Holy cow. This has been a crazy week. I couldn’t possible tell you everything, but here’s a few highlights:

  • After 7 years, I left my old job on a Friday
  • Started a new job on Monday
  • Started working full-blast at my new job right away
  • Had a call with Bangkok Tuesday night for work
  • Went to see the Gates!

I’ll write more soon.

So here it is – a bad representation of what my ocular migraines look like (graphic from
OK, so I went to the eye dr. today (he was super nice). Since my mom had eye problems early on I decided not to mess around and go see a real eye doctor. He checked out my eyes with the new-fangled machinery and my eyes themselves are very healthy. Great! But then as I was explaining these strange arcs of diamond-like vision distortion that I get from time to time and he brought out this card that had some drawings on it. They looked kindof like this picture. And I immediately noticed that the picture was exactly what I was trying to explain. I was glad that I wasn’t crazy. It’s nice to know that there is a real name for these things – although I guess they are kindof rare. But the visit couldn’t have gone any better.