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Not only did I enjoy a lovely 10-person Thanksgiving dinner – but that was just the beginning. I also…
Vicki's Birthday
> Went to see Rent (the movie) with my brother’s girlfriend
> Bought a car
> Learned the real meaning of “window shopper” as used by 50 cent. (Big up to the girls at Sue’s Rendezvous)
> Celebrated Vicki’s birthday with crab cakes

On my ride home in the subway today, I hatched a new category for my blog. It hit me out of nowhere. F-Bombs! What better way to inject a little inappropriateness to my blog. Consider yourself warned. This, my friends, is the inaugural “F-Bomb” post…

What the FUCK is up with people blowing thier nose into the street?! When did it become OK to put your finger to one nostril and just blow letting all that disgustingness fly out into the sidewalk and any innocent bystanders?! Cursing is the only thing that will make the nausea go away.

Feel free to post your F-Bomb’s here. They will be moderated, however.


My first karaoke experience. Some really drunk guy with a very convincing Elvis voice tried to serenade me and then drag me up in front of everyone. In the process I fell off my chair onto the floor. It sure was good for a lot of laughs, and you know I love the attention – but I was REALLY embarassed at the time.

And, I can not tell a lie, even though they had Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips – I chickened out and didn’t sing once (except backup at the end).