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Feb Movies
I watched Trainspotting again for the first time in a long time. Another great disturbing movie, but I realised something while watching it. Kevin McKidd, who plays Tommy in Trainspotting is also Lucius Vorenus from the HBO series Rome. The last 10 years have been good to him.

Kinsey was also definitely worth watching. Peter Sarsgaard is one of my favorites, so I’ll try not to let that bias me. I wonder how closely this movie mirrored the real story.

I am in the middle of watching The Machinist with Christian Bale. This movie is actually MORE disturbing than Trainspotting. I can only take watching it in about 30 minute intervals. He must have lost 60 something pounds for this role – and it’s just disgusting to see how skinny he is, but I guess that’s the point. I have about another 1/2 hour left and I am going to try to tough it out today and finish it.

HusH ToursI absolutely want to do THIS. I know I can be a little one-sided about my taste in music, but man this looks cool.
Now I just have to get some people together and pick which tour to go on!

– Hip Hop Tour Led by Pioneers
– Walk This Way – The Hip Hop Walking Tour
– Harlem Hip Hop Church with Kurtis Blow
– The Brooklyn/Queens Experience

“HusH Tours, is the Original Hip Hop Culture Reality Sightseeing Tour Company. Explore the past 3 decades of New York City’s Musical History. See, hear and feel the true meaning of the elements of hip hop with the Celebrity Pioneers as your personal tour guides.”

I am currently watching Jay-Z and Linkin Park “perform” encore/numb and it’s making ME numb! It’s cool and all that they got together, but when LL was introducing a group … wait – OK there is a light at the end of the tunnel – they are doing a tribute to John Lennon?! OK it’s pretty cool that Paul McCartney, Jay-Z and This joker from Linkin Park are singing together. This is the only way this could have turned out well.

But still! When LL was introducing a combination where one was a true legend of hiphop and the other was a rock group or something or other… I THOUGHT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT RUN DMC AND AEROSMITH.

I am so old. Linkin park needs to go!

Good night.