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Block PartyI recently watched Behind the Actor’s Studio with Dave Chappelle and it got me excited again.

When is someone going to take me to see Block Party?! I’ve heard it favorably compared to Fade to Black.

Someone needs to buy me this poster!

Sopranos OK, so finally watched the Sopranos season premiere. Just when I think I’m out, they drag me back in! Holy crap I’m really itching to talk to someone about it.

Monday at work I made everyone shut up about it so they didn’t give anything away. Now I will beg their forgiveness and start them talking again because I’m in shock.

Big Love has also sucked me in. No more Flavor of Love for me, Vicki. It’s Big Love and Sopranos from now on.

My SelectsMaybe it was the 4 hour/6 mile hike yesterday or the caffeine this afternoon, but on the way home I had a flare up of creative energy. Things just started pouring out. When I got home I started printing out contact sheets of my photographs and sifting through them.

I must have printed out over 150 photos (9 to a sheet). I think I’ve narrowed my selects down to about 75 now, and put them into categories. The aftermath of all this editing is that my apartment looks like a hurricaine hit. I feel oddly cleansed having these 8 paper bricks of mini-photos on my wall. It’s proof that I’ve done something.

Grandmaster Flash and the Smithsonian’s new hip-hop collection.

Grand Master FlashDJs, like curators, are collectors, so when Grandmaster Flash and other hip-hop luminaries met up with some officials from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History the other day, there was some serious collecting to discuss. To begin with, museum director Brent Glass described his institution’s grand undertaking: “It’s the only museum in the world that has the mission of telling the whole of American history,” he said. It’s a tall order, but the museum’s holdings—nearly three million objects, which include a Pac-Man gumball bank, a bag of brown rice, and over a hundred pieces of Tupperware—give the impression that the curators cast a wide net. Now alongside the S. Newman Darby Windsurfing Collection, the museum will maintain an archive entitled “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, the Rhymes, the Life.”

Read Full Article by Austin Kelley – March 3rd, 2006.