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My Dead Dog
I feel sad that my dog died.
But I’m glad he’s in heaven.
My dog was very playful.
It never bit anybody.
But I’d still like him if he were alive,
But he’s not so I think I should forget about it.
by Alice Merchant

What I Think of Love
Love is a nice kind thing.
It is gentle too.
It is so beautiful.
I love my brother very much.
I love my mommy and
Daddy too.

According to this Guardian Article: [click here for link]

The first track starts with some words in Portuguese spoken by “…Claudio Campos, a Capoeira master who teaches in Bristol. But he crackles out of the gloom like a dire warning from an old film score, the kind so beloved of Portishead when they first emerged back in 1994.”

“In English, the Threefold Law goes something like this: ‘Heed and beware the Rule of Three: three times thy acts return to thee’. It’s an old Wiccan precept about reaping what you sow”