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My favorite radio station of all time can now be picked up in NYC! Credit needs to go to Jesse for getting me hip to 90.3 KEXP in Seattle a while ago. Any fans of real music need to be familiar with this station if they aren’t already. You can still listen to the Seattle station online which is what I normally did in the mornings until I found out about the NY Station. Get all the independent goodness here:

> Listen online here:
> Listen to radio station 91.5 in NYC

KEXP – another item in the long list of things to love about Seattle.

Saw the movie on Friday night and it didn’t suck. I had a lot of good laughs and that had a lot to do with the group that went to the movie. We crack each other up. The BedStuy parade at the end was moving. Makes us want to dig in the crates… For your enjoyment: Biggie at 17.