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It’s great to see friends.
JarheadI actually had company this weekend, and it was so much fun. We just stayed up and talked and then went to dinner in the city Saturday night.

She drove four hours to see me and I kept her cooped up in my apartment and made her watch Jarhead. I’m amazed that I thought it was a great movie even though there was time spent on vomit and bathrooms. Lots of on-screen naked boys in showers makes up for a lot.

Johnny Got His GunIn the same vein, I recently read a book called Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. It was hard to believe that this book was written in 1938 and published just after the start of World War II. This book is just as relevant today. Note to people with weak stomachs: don’t read this book on the train on the way into work in the morning before you’ve had breakfast. I had to put it away a few times because it made me so nauseous.

And on a more celebretory note:
We have big plans for you, Jenn. Prepare yourself for maximum enjoyment.

Feb Movies
I watched Trainspotting again for the first time in a long time. Another great disturbing movie, but I realised something while watching it. Kevin McKidd, who plays Tommy in Trainspotting is also Lucius Vorenus from the HBO series Rome. The last 10 years have been good to him.

Kinsey was also definitely worth watching. Peter Sarsgaard is one of my favorites, so I’ll try not to let that bias me. I wonder how closely this movie mirrored the real story.

I am in the middle of watching The Machinist with Christian Bale. This movie is actually MORE disturbing than Trainspotting. I can only take watching it in about 30 minute intervals. He must have lost 60 something pounds for this role – and it’s just disgusting to see how skinny he is, but I guess that’s the point. I have about another 1/2 hour left and I am going to try to tough it out today and finish it.

These movies are some that I’ve “netflixed” in the past few months and they were very good. OLDBOY was especially good, I only had to cover my eyes a few times to hide from the horror – but it was an amazing movie. Please see these movies!Recent Movies

Ami BachchanSo Sandeep and I were walking out to grab some lunch after a particularly rough conference call… As soon as we walked out onto the street we saw Mike Meyers (you know, Austin Powers). So then we decide to go to the soup lady and on the way back Sandeep notices his own famous person. He said that we had just seen one of the most famous Indian actors.

Amitabh Bachchan (I’m sure I’m butchering his name). Everyone in the know about Indian superstars back at work was very impressed. If his body guard was any indication of his fame, he’s HUMONGOUSLY famous.