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Poseidon So I went to see Poseidon on Friday night and it was awful.

Luckily it was a ton of fun because I was there with great friends and I saw it in IMAX so my senses were fully engaged. It was a great night, but the movie was TERRIBLE. Someone said they read a review that said this movie is not kind to minorities and I agree. THEY ALL DIE. Oh shit I gave it away – well let’s just say they don’t all drown.

I keep thinking of funny captions for this picture, but I have a strange sense of humor so I’ll spare you. If you can think of any, leave a comment.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

It’s great to see friends.
JarheadI actually had company this weekend, and it was so much fun. We just stayed up and talked and then went to dinner in the city Saturday night.

She drove four hours to see me and I kept her cooped up in my apartment and made her watch Jarhead. I’m amazed that I thought it was a great movie even though there was time spent on vomit and bathrooms. Lots of on-screen naked boys in showers makes up for a lot.

Johnny Got His GunIn the same vein, I recently read a book called Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. It was hard to believe that this book was written in 1938 and published just after the start of World War II. This book is just as relevant today. Note to people with weak stomachs: don’t read this book on the train on the way into work in the morning before you’ve had breakfast. I had to put it away a few times because it made me so nauseous.

And on a more celebretory note:
We have big plans for you, Jenn. Prepare yourself for maximum enjoyment.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written anything in here. Work has been so incredibly stressful and busy. And right before Thanksgiving a good friend’s father died. My family and I were close to this man and his family. It’s still very hard to think about. I do however think about them often and how they are doing. I wish I knew the best thing to do in this situation. I don’t want to add to the constant hoards of people that must be suffocating them with awkward discussions, etc… I would love to just be able to hang out and be around. My friend lives in another area though, so it’s not like I could just call and drop by to see how she’s doing. I would like to go visit her though. She’s getting married in July and I’m so excited for her. My luck has sprung it’s ugly head however, one of J’s best friends is getting married on the SAME EXACT DAY! I am pissed at my luck. That means I can’t go with him, and he can’t go with me. It makes me sad in a way, I can’t believe that he’s going to miss my friend’s wedding. We won’t get to slow dance and get all romantic, It’s just a bummer. Silly I know, but a bummer none the less. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?

So this past snowfall was very nice and I have a picture of one of our neighborhood squirrels for you to see. Enjoy!