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BeyonceI had a great time on Halloween, some of my co-workers and I dressed up and ended up marching in the Halloween Parade on 6th Ave. Next year I am leaving work early to walk the entire parade route, it was so much fun. I’ve never seen so many people in one place in my life.

I have a musical confession to make, ok two…
#1 (the more embarassing one): I actually like a couple songs on Justin Timberlake’s new album. Don’t know how it happened, because I wanted to hate it on principle – but that whiteboy’s got soul. That’s right, I said it.

#2: I really like Beyonce’s new song “Upgrade U”. It’s ridiculously great. God bless her, she compares herself to MLK Jr. (which might be a side effect of hanging around with HOVA) but now I’m convinced that all a man needs is a necktie dimple and something from a place called Audemars Piguet.

I’m getting excited to see Talib Kweli in December. He was so chill when we saw him last year. He shook Jesse’s hand and he actually signed a poster that I was hanging on to. I’ve got to say that I like him alot better in concert than Mos Def. They still kick ass together, but Mos Def seems to get all full of himself after a few songs when he’s on stage alone – where Talib just rocks the house. I’ve been thinking of all the concerts I’ve been to and here’s some people I’ve seen.
– The Roots, Public Enemy, Rakim, Lupe & Rhymefest, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, KRS-One, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Roni Size, Underworld, GangStarr, Buena Vista Social Club, etc…

Oh and how could I forget my first two concerts ever: The Cars & Wang Chung, and Cinderella, Winger & the Bullett Boys. I’ve come a long way.

Poseidon So I went to see Poseidon on Friday night and it was awful.

Luckily it was a ton of fun because I was there with great friends and I saw it in IMAX so my senses were fully engaged. It was a great night, but the movie was TERRIBLE. Someone said they read a review that said this movie is not kind to minorities and I agree. THEY ALL DIE. Oh shit I gave it away – well let’s just say they don’t all drown.

I keep thinking of funny captions for this picture, but I have a strange sense of humor so I’ll spare you. If you can think of any, leave a comment.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

MKL Jr.“Coloreds” Click Here
By Zachary Rodgers
January 13, 2006

The home page of a just-launched Web site has one link for whites to follow and another for “coloreds”.

Clicking through to the “colored” section brings this notice: “…for your protection and for the sake of decency, please remain within your side of this web page. If you should happen to move into an area designated for persons of the white race, your safety cannot be guaranteed.”

The idea behind the experience, created by DDB Seattle, is to create an online approximation of what life was like for millions of blacks and whites in the segregation era.

The agency created it in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is January 16. This is the 15th consecutive year DDB Seattle has undertaken a public awareness initiative around the holiday, which executives feel doesn’t get the national attention it deserves.

Once they navigate through its chilling splash pages, visitors to can access a number of interactive features. These include a bio on MLK, a photo gallery and a timeline on civil rights milestones of the past 50 years. Additionally, the site offers audio downloads of King’s “I have a dream” and “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speeches, plus several of his prominent writings.

The creatives behind the site said they wanted to create a sense of discomfort. “…This campaign is intended to make people stop, think and perhaps get a little uncomfortable in the process of realizing the modern day importance of Dr. King’s life,” said John Livengood, executive creative director at DDB Seattle, in a statement.

A newspaper ad promoting the site began running in Seattle-area weeklies on Wednesday, and one will appear in the major Washington dailies on Monday. Additionally, the agency sent a direct mail piece to government officials, high school administrators and C-level executives in Seattle. DDB Seattle pursued online advertising to support the site, but was told by potential media partners that they lacked the inventory to donate to the cause.

Much of the other media has been donated, though DDB Seattle spokesperson Dan Miller said many publications are sensitive to racial content.

“Some media are not as willing to donate space, but they’ll give us a nice break on it at least,” he said. “We’d love to see it donated more.”

In previous years, the agency has created print ads and outdoor executions, as well as a TV spot that was shot from the perspective of someone boarding a segregated bus in the 1940s. An old black and white camera was used to create it, and all the actors were dressed in period clothing.

The agency creates its annual MLK Jr. Day campaigns independently of any partner or client. For nine years it worked with the Seattle Times, but for the past six years it has done the work solo.

Check out this dope set of action figures! It was one of my Christmas presents and I’m so psyched. I also joined Netflix and that’s been great. It’s forcing me to watch movies that I’ve never seen before, and J and I are getting each other up to speed on movies we think the other person should watch.

Things have been kindof boring lately. I got a lot of nice stuff for Christmas, but I think the after-holiday slump has hit me. Of course I try to make up new years resolutions, but it doesn’t feel like another year is here. We went to the aquarium this past weekend and it was nuts. Does anyone want 2 free kids tickets. We got them at an auction for my mom’s nursery school.

Happy New Year!