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I got a trim yesterday but it just looks like a big poofy mess because of the rain today. I couldn’t find my umbrella so I had to walk to the train without one, but I bought one at grand central, so I wouldn’t have to walk to work in the rain.

The VMA’s are today right down the street. Yesterday afternoon that girl Avril something or other was singing that “popular” song over and over again. They have a stage set up across the street from Radio City, and we can hear it all the way over here like someone had their radio on really loud. It’s kindof awe inspiring that all of these people will be right down the street, all those egos and thousands of dollars a person to dress them up. Is it worth it? It will be raining anyway, I wonder how they all manage that.

I am signing off for a few days, but will return with relaxation and pictures to share. Enjoy your holiday.

Things to do:
- start writing personal statement for grad school application
- pay dmv
- stop eating ice cream :)
- study for GRE’s (yuk)

I’m sure there’s more, I’ll write again later…

So it’s 11:54 and I already had some ice cream, I think just writing about it made me want some. I’m going to get my hair trimmed today because I am so bored. I guess it needs it anyway.

So we are going on a very short vacation this weekend. I can’t wait to go and be near the water and relax and take a whole bunch of pictures. I wish I could stay longer than one night but it’s really expensive so we’ll make the most of the two days and one night away from home. I can’t wait!

My teeth feel soooo much better. Phew! Vicki I feel so bad for you about your root canal! I hear those are terrible. I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for your speedy recovery (even though it’s been 3 weeks already, jeesh).

We went for a walk yesterday and on the way back there was a deer right ahead of us, so like two little detectives we tried to sneak closer and closer to it so that we could get a better look. Were were pretty close at one point, but then it spotted a dog up ahead and hid in the trees. That was really a treat. I also ate those new mint flavored oreos this weekend! Holy cow are they good! Too good. I also found a new favorite ice cream, cool mint by Dreamery.

I wonder why I am so anti-social. Is it just that I am happier alone or is it something else? Is my family just so weird that I can’t get used to anything else? Could it be that I am just happier at home with a book and relaxing and going to bed early?

… and I wonder why I’m so bored all the time.

Well I feel much better today, and I feel better mentally too. When I have nothing but time to sit and think, I can’t seem to channel it into productive thoughts (especially when I think something’s wrong with how my teeth are healing). But mentally I feel better. My brother brought me over a thermometer so I can make sure I don’t have a fever, and they brought me over 2 small jellies and a wet nap from the diner one day. That was cute.

I have lost about 4 pounds since Saturday (can’t complain since I’ve gained about 30 since I moved back to NY). But I’m also being more careful about what I eat, noting especially if the food is pointy in nature or prone to hurt my mouth. I have mostly been eating mashed potatoes, ensure, and corn muffin tops from stew leonards (which are great by the way).

It seems like the only way I could get my friends all to hang out again like college would be to have a huge party. Maybe I should start planning my birthday party now. My last birthday was so low key that I need to do something fun next year. I’ll start thinking now. Let me know if you have any ideas.