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I’m in New Hamphire and it was freezing cold yesterday. Today is much nicer. That bitter wind is missing, and the sun has been out a bit.

I took some pictures of a fountain that had frozen up. The ice must just keep building up because you can see a little spray from the water coming out the top.

Last night I had a peanut butter pie. It was tasty. There was a Layer of pie crust, a layer of chocolate, and a layerof this moussey peanutbutter tasting stuff. It was very tasty (did I say that already?). So much for my no-sugar kick! I’ll try not to give up, it’s only a minor setback :).

SO I just got back late last night from a trip to Rochester, NY. Cheryl’s cookies and cupcakes are still amazing! Time does make them seem even better however.

I got to see all the people I used to work will and that was fun. I feel a lot of good momentum at work now, I just hope everyone can hold on until this rough spot smoothes itself out. I learned so much and got so much accomplished this week that I really feel good. It was so nice to hang out with Christen too, she’s super fun. I had a great time at her place and then visiting her boyfriend’s apartment late on Wednesday night. Her boyfriend’s roommate is someone I definitely wouldn’t kick out of bed. Tasty! Anyway…

I haven’t been doing my karate homework, or eating very well this week. I can’t help it, I just can’t resist Cheryl’s ninja sugar magic (or the chocolate cake at the Hyatt). I was also so happy to see the new additions to the world by the names of Abby and Wyatt. It was so much fun to see how they light up thier mother’s faces. Go Cindy and Kelly! You are supermoms!

Next week I am off to New Hampshire for work. Hopefully I’ll have some good stories for you when I return.

So I went last night to karate class! I was happy that I was able to go for the full hour. I did happen to notice that my left leg and arch of my foot was in a permanent cramp the entire class, but otherwise I did ok. That is of course if you remove the pitiful job I did at the situps and pushups. I can do ten of each, but wussy style. I would imagine I would have the same grace wrestling a llama. It’s comical. The teacher gave both of us (another white belt) homework; stretching, SITUPS and PUSHUPS.

I have to tell you about this Karate instructor. He has a deep voice and a playful way about him, but he’s all business. His Japanese accent just forces me to pay attention because that coupled with his deeper voice makes for interesting day dreams (can you tell I have a woman crush on him?). Anyway, he was trying to explain to us how to do this one stance, and he said “I’ve never wear high heel, but this (shows ball of foot on floor, heel in air) is what feet do, no?” So throughout the rest of the night he keeps saying “High Heel, no sneaker!” and it was great. You can tell just by watching him that he knows what he’s doing, and that I can learn a lot from him. All of the teachers are great. All kidding aside about the crush, I was all business too during class, but afterwards…

I went during lunch today to look at the American Indian Art display for auction at Christie’s. I had been reading the catalog all weekend and there were so many things I wanted to see and get the chance to touch. When I went today they only had a few of the rugs on display, all of the rest had been taken away in preparation for the auction. I would have had to ask one of the specialists to bring me back into the rooms where the stuff was stored, and I figured I didn’t have enough time to do that, so I went back to work after seeing the rugs. I guess I am disappointed, I did really want to see the pottery. It would be up close with no glass between. There were some exceptionally beautiful rugs, though. This one in particular.


of classic form, finger woven with commercial wool in yellow, blue, ivory and black, mountain goat’s wool and twisted cedar bark fiber, with a highly stylized totemic crest design, probably representing a killer whale, composed of typical conventionalized formline elements, a panel of long twisted fringe at bottom, smaller panels of twisted and plaited fringe along the sides, with tag sewn onto the reverse, inscribed, 1-
Dimensions: 70 x 35 in. (177.8 x 88.9 cm.)

So I swallowed my pride and went to my first karate class in at least two years. There is nothing like a floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirror to encourage you to assess yourself in negative ways. After a few minutes of discouraging mirror gazing, I was punching and blocking away (as best as I could). I am so impressed with the whole school and the atmosphere of the teachers and students. I think I will try to sign up this Friday. Woo Hoo!