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We went to see a bunch of Oscar nominated movies and they are all movies I want to buy. I was blown away by all of them. House of Sand and Fog was first, saw that a month or so ago. The We saw Mystic River and then we had Whale Rider from Netflix. I feel like whenever I write here I sound like a 12 year old, so instead of worrying about how I sound, I’m just going to write it all down.

I wish I had written about House of Sand and Fog right when I had seen it, because all I can do now is to look at it in relation to the other movies we’ve seen since then. Jennifer Connelly did a good job of playing a desparate, frustrated and lonely person. But Ben Kingsley and Shohreh Aghdashloo were amazing. I’m so glad that there was an actual Iranian in this movie. I NEVER cry at movies, and this movie made me cry. This movie is so depressing that there should be a warning on it. Because it’s so real, there is no one to blame and it’s just so awful. There is no wrapped up ending, you end up thinking about prejudice and vanity. It also made me think about all the people in the world who need help, and others are just to careless to notice or do anything about it.

Whale Rider: This movie was also amazing. Another one that made me cry. Movies never make me cry, this year has been a doozy though. Keisha Castle-Hughes was so touching in the scene from this picture. That’s when I got all choked up. Another strange coincidence is that the necklace she is wearing is something that a friend of mine had given me when he went away to New Zealand in high-school.

Mystic River: O.K. I didn’t cry at this one, but i was tense the entire time and had this nervous pit in my stomach. It was great. The movie was so well done. I want to see this one again because of the subtle shifts toward the end really change what you think o f all the characters.

On a very childish side note: I am so pissed that this is the only picture I can find of Sean Penn’s character’s back tattoo in that movie. He looks so tough and that tattoo looks so good in that pose when he’s standing in front of the window there. First of all it makes him look really hot (I don’t say that much) and you can see how much more we know about him at that point. If anyone can find a better picture of this scene, please let me know! I’ll give you credit on this website.

GREAT MOVIES, go watch!