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… without a dope beat to step to.

Recently I have (in no particular order):

  • turned 30 and kept off 30 lbs
  • got really drunk for the first time
  • started school again
  • played paintball for the first time
  • added two new words into my lexicon: kidult & honquistadors
  • got my boy back

I am cautiously optimistic about many of the things on the above list, but excited none the less. I realized a strange thing recently… Most people I know tested thier limits and had thier fun in high school or college and then some make the predictable move toward responsibility and a grown-up life (whatever that is). I think the opposite is happening to me. I feel like I was much more serious when I was younger, and only recently have I been able to really live. Either way, I’ve been having a great time lately even when it makes me insane. It’s nice to feel so alive.

Recently a friend of mine broke his hip. At first I thought it was good luck that I had just taken photos of his extensive tattoos because he had to have surgery. He got a good surgeon though and the tattoo survived the insertion of a titanium plate and screws. Unbelieveable.

…and I’ve heard that Whitney & Bobby’s divorce is just a trick to get Osama out of hiding.