"H20, Hip Hop and Oxygen" – HBMS

GO SEE STARSKY & HUTCH! This movie was so funny – and Snoop stole the show.

I am very pumped. I came into work this morning and had e-mails from three very good friends that I haven’t talked to in a long time. That’s such a great thing. Jeff and I had a funny ride on the way to work today. We were having to whisper about all the conversation we were having because I was talking about something that was tame to us (about someone I know) but the suits on the train were giving us the “hairy eyeball” so we just kept talking but softer. I guess we curse a lot, who knew. It was even funnier because when we got quieter everyone was trying to listen. You could tell, the rustling newspapers got quieter, there weren’t as many slurps on the coffee… I think Jeff and I were the only hip kids on the train. Kids, hah!

Jeff cracks me up, I think he should have his own radio show or something. For folks in-the-know (Merchants who went to the Petra exhibit at the Museum of Natural History) just remember “city of ROCK!”.

We’re not trouble makers, we’re just working stiffs like the rest of the people on the train, but god forbid I don’t have a caffeine addiction or that I talk about how ridiculous it is that we don’t yet have marriage equality for all people… So ok, I drop the f-bomb every once in a while, I can’t help it – maybe I should belatedly give up cursing for lent. Someone at work did that once and now she says stuff like “baloney sandwiches”. It’s funny (and yes I know that’s not how you spell bologna).

Thanks for keeping in touch friends, sorry I’m such a dork when it comes to doing that myself.