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Brand Nubian

^ 2/3 of Brand Nubian

That’s right everyone, I was there. As always, the show started incredibly late and there were way to many people on stage distracting from the real action. I took the picture on the left with my cellphone, I wish I had my real camera with me. Questlove was twittering the entire time onstage while tons of doodleheads took up space on stage. I’m glad I was there, even if it was a madhouse.

A number of people showed up like Just Ice and 2/3 of Brand Nubian!

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Last night was amazing. The roots concert was probably the best I’ve been to so far. I was in the very first row. It was at the Knitting Factory and they could only have sold about a hundred tickets because the place was so small! It was amazing. The guys were standing at waist height to me. The only thing blocking me from being RIGHT next to them was the 2 foot deep speaker between us. I was standing on the far left hand side of the stage.

One speaker was from my waist down, and the other two were above my head to the left. Probably not the smartest place to be, but certainly it was worth it. I think I actually lost some hearing in my left ear (it’s still not back to normal). My arm was close enough to reach a couple people if I wanted. Their new songs seem very inviting, I can’t wait to get the new CD “Phrenology”. Near the end of the concert Black Thought leaned down and set down his water on the speaker I was standing up against.

So here’s a picture. It may look like a normal bottle of Poland Spring water to you, but we (the chosen 4 that went to the concert) KNOW that it’s no ordinary bottle. OK, so I know I sound like a Star Fucker (lyrics should not be read by the light hearted). This is a reference to a song by Nine Inch Nails about people who “worship” famous people above all else. Obviously not a complimentary tune. But rest assured, I will not auction it off on e-bay like my brother told me I should. I took a picture of it and then I recycled it.