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I saw an amazing artist today at the My Plastic Heart gallery. His name is Jesse Hernandez and I was instantly drawn in to his work when I walked in the door. Those of you who know me will understand why the combination of Aztec imagery and urban graffiti look made my brain explode. Go see it! Check him out at Immortal Studios. Now I need to get a tattoo of this guy’s work some day.

KulKul Can by Jesse Hernandez

by Jesse Hernandez and kaNO

Axolotl rarely live above the radar for most people. Why then do I find them so interesting? There was an article in the NY Times today about them.

There is also a short story by Julio Cortazar that discribes a man changing places with an Axolotl in a tank. I remember reading it in Spanish in college and thinking long and hard about the writing and the story. Maybe it’s just because of the way the Nahuatl word sounds. Like how Ahuacatl changed to Aguacate and then Avocado.

Quetzalcoatl, Chocolatl, Coyotl, Tomatl…

Man, I wish I could speak Nahuatl.