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Ellie wants me to write more, so I have decided to make an effort to try. I feel very reserved because so many family members and friends read this site (who am I kidding, I shouldn’t flatter myself), but I do know that two important people do regularly… Jessica and Ellie, and even if just those two read – I guess I AM flattered.

Today I am proud of how I have been eating. For breakfast I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (actually that was at about 5AM this morning when I woke up and I was starving cause it was too hot to eat last night. Then I had part of a bagel with cream cheese (bad) but then for lunch I had a very sensible chicken sandwich (and a chocolate chip cookie – bad). So maybe I’m not so proud :) – At least I’m not eating fistfuls of chocolate from the nice ladies in the front of the office. That was last week.

I have been printing out lists of galleries and instructions for submitting work for display. As soon as I actually think of starting the process of dropping off my work I get paralyzed. I can’t seem to get past that point. I have a major self-confidence crisis. MAJOR. Got to work through it.

I definitely ate too many Hershey’s kisses today – well actually they were Hershey’s hugs, but either way I ate too many. I did good for lunch though. I ate half of a turkey sandwich with lettuce on focaccia. I’ve also been trying to snack on these wheat crackers. They actually aren’t so bad.

I’ve been adding more pictures to my collection online. It’s fun. There are some very nice ones of Jeff up there. Please check them out, send me an e-mail with any comments and I might add them to my website.

Had my review today, it went well. Ate a chicken parmesan sammich, it was a 5 out of 10. Had chunks of vegetables in it, so that’s a big point deduction right there. I survived Karate and only hurt for a few days. I didn’t go back right away because I was feeling very sick to my stomache and that’s never a good way for me to exercise. I want to take things easy at first. So I plan to go again tonight.

I’ve updated my photos section by having some great friends make me a website dedicated to my photography. Please visit.

It’s Tuesday and I am really busy at work. For the past few weeks I have been making a scrapbook in my spare time at home. It’s really been fun. I’ve always paid so much attention to trying to get my “artistic” photography together that my snapshots through the years got neglected. Having one big binder to go to and flip through to see all my friends through the years is a great distraction. Now If I can survive the first night of Karate tonight…